Monday, July 19, 2010

I should have left a see you later note or something...

Oh well! Sorry for anyone who has ever peeped the blog. It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to...or at least a nice ditty in Auto-Tune! Anyways, the first thing that I am not going to do is make excuses...they are weak, and my days of that status are OVER! Though Christ I am strong, willing and more than able. I am ready to walk through the doors of opportunity and if they aren't there, I'll just pull out my Etch a Sketch and make one myself! This is a really quick post but I had to do it. Blogging brings me a certain calm and it is high time to get back to a point sharing just a minisode of the channels that are in the television of my mind. On a super bright note, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to going to NC this weekend to visit Raquiyba, the love of my life and soon to be WIFE. Ok Jahdai, no freestyling tonight, but if it came to it, I could rap about her for days!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am proud of YOU!!!

She will not see this until tomorrow, but I want to say how proud I am of you Raquiyba! Man, I love the way that name is spelled...Raquiyba. YES! Ok, calm down Jahdai...breathe. Anyways, my wife-to-be and I are talking on the phone right now about our day, and she was telling about the product she returned at Sephora. This fragrance ring she bought broke and she went to return it today. While she was telling me this, I could feel on the inside that she had not bought anything. But not only had she not bought anything, she hadn't bought anything in the ENTIRE MALL! I am so proud of her!

For anyone who enjoys shopping as much as her to show that amount of discipline is a major mark of maturity. We just finished talking about being a 'preferred member' and how a lot of people would buy additional things just to be able to have that 'item of the month.' Really think about it though, the days of youth were filled parks, bad fashions and yes, Chuck E. Cheese!

Originally Showbiz Pizza, this place held wonder and magic for anyone who had enough tokens. And no the tokens did not grow on trees, and, even worse, a lot of times the tokens would not get you what you really desired until an additional trip to the Chuckster was made, or Mom & Dad forked over some more dollars to buy more tokens. And although riding the rocketship and playing skee-ball were fun, ultimately it was a childish pursuit, which they capitalized on with their motto, 'where a kid can be a kid.'

That is great and healthy for kids, but can really lead us into some unhealthy habits as adults. Trinket after trinket, "sale" after "sale," vivid colors and letter patterns are thrown at us with the intent of capitalizing on the child within. Well it is time to put childish things behind us! It is hard for to say this, because I enjoy shopping as much as the next guy. Wait, scratch that, more than the next guy. Nevertheless, it is time to put down the air hockey puck and join the real game of life. I for one, am beyond grateful for such an awesome teammate to embark on this adventure with. Life is moving whether we like it or not, don't get left on the merry go-round.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why do I even do this?

It is a question I honestly ask myself sometimes...

Why write these thoughts out here for friends and others to see? Do they really even care? Have you ever had thoughts like these? I certainly have, and probably will again. Nevertheless, I don't ponder it for long because I already know the answer.

I was created as a creative being!

Though it might sound cliche, it really is a heavy statement when you think about it...all of mankind, from the crackhead down the street from where I work, to the soccer Mom wondering when her husband is coming home, to the widower who now has to adjust to the bed not being as warm without his lover, helpmeet and friend ever again to be by his side: they all are creative. Either the spark is within from the age of youth, or comes about through trial and tribulation, we are CREATIVE!

And so, when thought comes to my mind, I just take a second to think of the constant rate at which my mind goes almost day and night, and I realize that such actions are a gift. And I don't care to be an American giver, as one blessed with resources to benefit but ends up a whore to hoarding, but I would rather be a New Testament giver, giving freely not with concern to when and if it coming back; but with confidence that the same God who supplied me the thoughts and musings for the present is not only willing but ABLE to do it for the future.

Any gift I am given and whatever I have, I make it a point to live by my Mother's motto that she put into action one night at the dinner table while I was a pre-teen when she split a hot dog six ways...there is ALWAYS enough to share. She said it to me first more than fifteen years ago yet I can myself there at the table now. I see it in my fiance, (more on the status change soon!) who never mentions it in word, yet always exemplifies it in deed. Her silent reminders come right on time, and they take my love for her to a new level.

So these thoughts that go through my head are not merely for me. Neither are yours. They are for creativity's sake, to dream new dreams, love our neighbors as we love ourselves and provide light in the midst of a subtle, yet pervading darkness. In other words, the life I live is not my own.

I was bought with a price, and the sacrifice that was paid for me with the blood of Christ in the midst of scoffers and the ignorant was not just to free us from sin, but to live life and life more abundantly. A significant portion of that is our thoughts, so I try do my part by sharing the visions that the Father gives me.

I want to leave you tonight with this video, and remember stay creative no matter your challenge, situation and age!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep on keeping on...

How is everything going world?

Things are coming along...kind of at a standstill with this Blogventure, but I will get there!

In other news, DO check out my Love's blog, Deborah Estelle, at

For my ladies and dudes who have fashionable friends and girlfriends, tell them to not only visit, but follow! They will NOT be disappointed...

Well I must make like Kunta Kinte and run! Sprint has my phone and I am exaggerating one bit when I say that I can't wait until August. This customer service the last two years has been RIDICULOSO!!!

Any suggestions or tips for my next carrier?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still rising....

WOW! I have got to make some kind of adjustment to my is not an enemy, (unless you allow it to be, and I REFUSE!) but TIME is an intense challenge for me right now.

So what is a brother to do? I have got to just keep pressing on. Does anyone have any tips? I am sooo excited about the weekend. A quick overnight trip to DC, where I will meet the love in of my life in the morning.

Well, I will try to recount my adventures recently of loss and gain tomorrow. The cleaning folks are leaving and I don't want to be left behind.

Love you all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still I rise...

Where to begin? How about with the fact that I need to get home and study for my upcoming GRE's? Yeah, forget New York or Miami, I am trying to officially get in a Grad School state of mind. The wildest thing is, I really don't know the course of study yet. I am confident though that the correct "major" will come about. What I do know is, that the blessings just continue to abound...just received uber good news...


More details to follow...this next post will be kind of deep and emotional too...just a warning! Lol...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm back!!!

Hey everyone, to say it has been a busy time is beyond an understatement. I have been having a blast in the meanwhile though. "How?" you may ask. Well let me give you a brief glimpse into my whirlwind that is known as my life.

Numbers raised: Apparently, although there is no official recognition, (and I don't need or seek any) I have been blessed to have achieved some of the highest percentages in the organization. Definitely was a group effort, so TEAM TACOLCY I thank you!

Simply having a wonderful "Michael Jackson" time. This was indescribable and while I can't give all the details, I can definitely say that I had an AWESOME time with the Lady in my Life, Ms. Raquiyba "Cakes" Miriam Bolton. She is beyond amazing, and we had a wonderful time in Raleigh, NC and I met her family: Umi, Dad, Jamiyla, Tiya, Hassan and Kayla B! There were all great and Umi cooked for me, the food was DELICIOSO! More than anything though, it was a priceless opportunity for me to get to know the lady I want to spend the rest of my life with on a deeper level.

"Togetherness contains untold beauty when enjoyed properly."

Additionally we went to the church's prom and it was FLY! There was a soul train line, classic old school music and love songs and just people enjoying life and their loves. For gifts that I thought would never come this soon...she is here, with me and for me.

Well I gotta run, but I thank you all for listening to my heart's song. More to come...